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Despite its relatively small size, Sri Lanka possesses a high level of bio-diversity. Details can be found in this section
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For more information on Sri Lankan Forestry and Environment check Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura web site

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Institute of Biology (IOB) is a leading professional body of Biologists in Sri Lanka. The key objective of IOB is to promote and advance the Science of Biology and its application in Sri Lanka.

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Ecotourism in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka has an exotic and vibrant resource base of Ecotourism. - Fifteen (15) distinct bioregions different landscapes and wildlife oppertunities - with an ancient civilization contemporary to that of the Greeks and Romans and numerous cultural sites of antiquity, including six world heritage sites. Key ecotourism attactions include Sinharaja World Hetitage Forest, Naional Parks and Water falls.

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Biological diversity of Sri Lanka
- Sri Lanka is an island, 65,610 km2 in area situated close to the Southeast corner of the peninsula of India. Despite its relatively small size, Sri Lanka possesses a high level of bioddiversity. A nortworthy feature of Sri Lanka's biodiversity is the remarkable high proportion of endemic species among its flora and fauna: 23% of the flowering plants and 16% of the mammals in the island are endemic. Sri Lanka has a wide range of topographic and climatic variation and this contributes to the special features of its biodiversity.

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Environmental Issues
- Although an overall current environmental issues in Asia reveals that Sri Lanka's problems are, to some extent , similar to those of other developing countries, they are unique in the context of Sri Lanka's size, topography, location of water bodies, the large number of micro ecological systems , population growth and movements and trends of social and economic development.

Sri Lanka - Environmental Background